The entity, STIF Indonesia was set-up in 2013 with the objective to serve our Indonesia customer in specific.

Feed manufacturers play a vital role in boosting the growth of animal husbandry industry in Indonesia. Since 1970s, animal feed manufacturing industry started to build plant to cater for the needs of the poultry industry.

  • Feed milling plants are concentrated in three major areas – namely the area of Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan. Jakarta is the major area due to the number of consumers of poultry products and the closeness to the port used to import the raw materials.
  • STIF being a major supplier of components in this field had long been supplying parts to equipment manufacturer in Europe & our components had since been imported to Indonesia together with the equipment.

In STIF, we understand that in today challenging market, it is necessary for us to interact with the local customers in-term of products requirement and also provide fast delivery whenever possible.

With this in-mind, we decided to be closer to the customers by establishing a sale & warehousing facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. This office handles the West & middle Java. On top of this, it also covers Sumatera concentrating Medan & Lampung area.

Not long after, we set-up an office in Surabaya, which is the second largest city in Indonesia & also the capital of the province of East Java. This office covers East Java and also the Eastern part of Indonesia.

Since the establishment of these entities in Indonesia, we are very active in developing & spending sufficient time to understand our customers better. We attend various exhibitions and held seminars to explain bucket elevator designs and the safety equipment for our customers.

We are pleased that STIF Indonesia had grown rapidly & we are now able to serve these customers better with our local presence.