Established in 2011, our manufacturing facility in China, STIF (Suzhou) Components Co., Ltd has fulfilled our objective of produce in Asia for Asia. All these are driven by the strong Customers’ demand in Asia, especially in China. STIF Suzhou is committed to provide the similar quality and reliability as our head quarter in France.

STIF Suzhou serve the market potential created by international enterprises, which chose to invest & develop their facilities in China. Some of which are already served by our STIF in France. Furthermore, there’s also a rapid growth of local companies in China, which look for higher quality products like ours.

With our facility in China, we’re also able to serve our customers in other part of Asia more efficiently. This makes it inevitable for us to enter the China market by setting up our manufacturing facility located at Suzhou.

STIF is specialized in the production of components for the bulk material handling.

Our product includes:

  • Elevator buckets, metallic and plastic
  • Belt for bucket elevators
  • Compression couplings for pneumatic conveying systems
  • Safety devices
  • Explosion vent panels

At a start, we imported goods from France for customer’s demand. As we progress & with better understanding of the customers’ demand, we invest aggressively to produce locally for Asia market with high quality product using advanced and matured technologies to reach a competitive price.

We believe understanding the market & localization is crucial for our long-term success & growth. We are strongly committed to work closely with customers in this region to develop customized products & make it as our standard range with reasonable prices to achieve a win-win situation.

The high-quality equipment used in our factory also contributes greatly to our overall success. Our global policy of constant investment & renewal of equipment, shall maintain our leading position in our field.

STIF strongly believe in the development of our people. Our production process is carried out under high stringent in-term of quality control & efficiencies. This can only be achieved through highly efficient manpower at all levels.

STIF Suzhou represents an entity of STIF that’s able to produce quality products in Asia and to be near to our customers in this region.