STIF is a French company whose registered office is 80 km from the port of Nantes-Saint Nazaire on the Atlantic Ocean. Production device will extend about 10 000 M2 and includes numerous teams the most modern.

Exporting to more than 60 countries, STIF has created its subsidiary in Spain STIF IBERICA in 2007. The aim of this structure is the development of sales and marketing in Spain and Portugal.

The company is specialized in the production of accessories and components for handling of bulk products.

The main products are:

  • Components for bucket elevators: Elevator belts, elevator buckets, bolts, safety components for bucket elevators.
  • Compression couplings for pneumatic transport.
  • Safety systems against explosions : vent panels, flame arresters
  • Metal pipes for silos
  • Sealed inspection doors

The plant is located 30 km south of Barcelona, STIF IBERICA has a factory of storage. The policy of constant investment STIF developed for many years, in order to maintain their technological advancement, led her to develop new commercial forces in the service of a technical method and equipment of the most perfect and effective machinery based at the headquarters in France.

Its competitiveness and reactivity have enabled STIF to sign a number of subcontracts to make batches of special parts to add to its catalogue of standard parts.