News: Hazard Monitor – M-JET

The M-JET is a multi-function hazard monitor able to run with different equipment like bucket elevator, conveyor system and screw conveyor.

The M-JET analyses the data sent by the sensors installed on equipment and save the eventual defects.

According the setting, it sends alarms and commands the stopping of the conveyor.

It can monitor the following hazards:

  • Under speed due to belt slip on the pulley. We check comparing the nominal speed.
  • Bearing temperature using sensor PT100.
  • Belt misalignment using sensors with or without contact.
  • Material jam in conveyor entry or exit.

The operating license of the system is realized by relay outputs

M-JET 1 : For equipment NO ATEX ZONE

M-JET 2 : For equipment ATEX ZONE following standards:

  • EN 50495
  • SIL2 – EN 61508 Functional safety
  • EN 61326 -1 CEM (Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • EN 61010 -1 Safety electric device