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VIGIFLAP – Explosion Isolation Valve

VIGIFLAP Explosion Isolation Valve is a non-return valve designed to prevent overpressure or flame caused by a downstream explosion to propagate in the piping system.

The valve is held open by a lever arm. It can be used both at the entrance and at the exit of the filter.
This allows to isolate the filter of an explosion or an overpressure.

In case of explosion, the valve closes and remains locked preventing the passage of the flame.

The unlocking of the flap is done manually.


STIF Suzhou is listed Fourth Board

On 4th Dec 2017, STIF Suzhou was listed in the Jiangsu Equity Exchange tolling the bell of capital markets successfully with allocation code 691677.

New Four Board certificate


 New Four Board certificate 3  New Four Board certificate 2
 New Four Board certificate 4

What is Fourth Board?
Fourth Board is a private regional equity market setup in new organizational form with integral multi-level capital market system. It provides services like bond transfer and financing for enterprises in specific regions. Fourth Board is also well known as the incubator for companies to enter the capital market, providing a trading platform for equity transfer of shares. Local government manages its Non- public securities in Fourth Board.

Corporate profile
STIF is specialized in the production of components for the bulk material handling. Our company has earned a solid international reputation by exporting to more than 60 countries.

Established in June 2011, our manufacturing facility in China, STIF Suzhou has fulfilled our objective of produce in Asia for Asia. All these are driven by the strong Customers’ demand in Asia, especially in China.

Our product includes: Elevator Buckets, Elevator Belts, Bolts, Junctions, Couplings & Bends, Sensors, Explosion Vent Panels.

STIF Suzhou has obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate, patent certificate, high-tech enterprise certificate and so on.

Listed in Fourth Board contributes to STIF Suzhou to create market awareness widely in the region. It promotes STIF Suzhou to integrate resources well to achieve as one of the leading supplier in the industry. Our devoted employees have strongly contributed to this success with their commitment & hard work for the company.

STIF Suzhou has ambition to work harder to the next level as public listed company. We will continue to provide good service and products to our existing & new customers.


The EURAC compression coupling, produced by STIF Suzhou and used to connect pipes in pneumatic handling system has now a new series EURAC H.

EURAC H add an inside skin, it can bear higher pressure. We can provide diameters from 38.1mm to 300mm, you can choose length 150mm, 200mm, 250mm.

More details pls call us: +86 512-6656 8968


After producing stainless steel 304 bend, STIF Suzhou now can provide glass bend. Comparing with SS304 bend, Glass bend is more anti-abrasive.

News: VIGILEX VQ – Flame Arrestor – EN 16009

VIGILEX-VQ_Introducing the VigilEx range from STIF, a new flameless device designed for explosion protection, to meet your safety requirements. With the last standards EN16009.

To protect indoor machinery the VigilEx VQ guarantees flameless venting and dust protection. No burnt or unburnt dust passes off. Even high temperature is reduced to a minimum. During normal venting an explosion is freely discharged, allowing flames and dust to exit from the process vessel. When the process is located indoors, ducts are generally used to convey the explosion outside the building. However, the cost and options of implementing explosion vents and ducts are limited due to dramatically reduced venting efficiency.

The VigilEx VQ is an ATEX approved flameless explosion vent (EC Certificate Number : INERIS 14ATEX0049X ). It be used with great effect indoors and outdoors. It is the best and easiest solution instead of cumbersome and expensive solutions with pipe installations to the open air. The VigilEx VQ provides low pressure resistance effectively eliminating flame and heat emissions thereby easing indoor installation and positioning of relevant machinery.

The VigilEx VQ is rectangular and connected with a standard rectangular bursting panel. The VigilEx VQ is available in different sizes and is delivered with a burst sensor. The VigilEx VQ is certified by the French notified body INERIS and will comply with the latest standard for Flameless Explosion Venting Devices: EN

16009 : 2011. STIF, the French manufacturer of the VigilEx VQ, is ISO9001 certified.

News: Hazard Monitor – M-JET

The M-JET is a multi-function hazard monitor able to run with different equipment like bucket elevator, conveyor system and screw conveyor.

The M-JET analyses the data sent by the sensors installed on equipment and save the eventual defects.

According the setting, it sends alarms and commands the stopping of the conveyor.

It can monitor the following hazards:

  • Under speed due to belt slip on the pulley. We check comparing the nominal speed.
  • Bearing temperature using sensor PT100.
  • Belt misalignment using sensors with or without contact.
  • Material jam in conveyor entry or exit.

The operating license of the system is realized by relay outputs

M-JET 1 : For equipment NO ATEX ZONE

M-JET 2 : For equipment ATEX ZONE following standards:

  • EN 50495
  • SIL2 – EN 61508 Functional safety
  • EN 61326 -1 CEM (Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • EN 61010 -1 Safety electric device